Crinan Wood in some ways started out during a bus ride from Washington to New York. There was lots of time to talk and to listen to music and while flipping through the songs on their MP3-players, Claudine Muno and John Schlammes discovered that they shared a common love of a certain kind of folk and alt-country-music. Not the clap along “Mumford and Sons”-kind of folk, but rather the stripped down but vibrant sound of the likes of Fink, Alexi Murdoch and John Martyn.


At the time, both Claudine and John were still members of the Luna boots, but almost a year after the band ended, an accidental meeting led them to discuss the possibility of setting up a new musical project, whose starting point would be their shared love for acoustic music. From the get-go the idea was that this new band should be a trio and place the emphasis on song-writing, as well as on the possibilities offered by acoustic instruments. The challenge for them was to work within these rather narrow confines. Then again sometimes setting boundaries can be helpful, because you don’t lose yourself inside experimentations that tend to distract from the matter at hand.


Claudine and John spent a few months writing and rehearsing on their own before Paul Fox (Paul Fox Collective, Marly Marques Quintet) joined them as a drummer. He was in many ways the perfect choice, because he had been looking for a band that would play this kind of music and was also eager to find an outlet for his own songs. In Paul, Claudine and John not only found a great drummer, but also a songwriter and a pianist.


After having put together a first set made up mainly of their own songs and having rehearsed them for over half a year, the band now feels ready to present them to an audience – to see if they can hold their own before taking on the recording of their first album in 2015.


The name Crinan Wood by the way is taken from one of the songs by Alexi Murdoch that Claudine and John listened to on that American bus ride a few years ago.

 all pics by Jeanine Unsen